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about me

I am currently an employee and master's student working for Boon Thau Loo at Penn's netdb lab.

I love building things! Recently, I've been focused on speeding up networked systems.

Past, future, and personal interests include neuroscience, data visualization, and 3D art.

I am always looking for smart people to work on fun projects with. Please reach out if you are too!

personal projects

Shremote: Run experiments over SSH

Permanent Memoization Decorators

Hopfield Network Simulation

Bagel: A word game for fun and profit!

53T: A clone of one of my favorite games



A tool for executing timed experiments over SSH.

Shremote uses an extensible configuration file format to turn running experiments, making logs, and gathering data into a seamless and easy process.


One of my favorite card games, written in python, to be played in a terminal. Single- or multi-player.

Partially an experiment with substitution of various views (web, text), and controllers (local, remote).

Hopfield Network Visualization

Train a hopfield network on a series of images, randomize it, let it run, and watch as it transitions into a learned state.


Bagel is a two player word-guessing game

The game can either be played locally against an AI (python) or against other players online (node.js, not currently hosted anywhere)


Decorate a python function with @memoize_to_file, and it will automatically store function return values and standard output, and recall them (rather than recomputing) on the next invocation.



Computer Science